Monday, July 31, 2006

Your official Hot Wing Conspiracy fantasy baseball round up

For those who've never participated in a fantasy baseball league, here's how we've got our league set up. We play head to head matchups against another team in the league based on the stats our players put up during the week. The stats your team builds up are broken down into 12 groups. For batters, there are runs, homeruns, RBI‚’s, Strike-outs, stolen bases, and batter‚’s average. For Pitching, there are Wins, Saves, Strike-outs, Holds, ERA, and WHIP. Each one of those is a win, a loss, or a tie. So in a given week, you can have any combination of wins, losses, and ties that add up to 12.

Wookie Will Win - 5
Columbia Cardinals - 6

This was the premier matchup of the week, #1 vs #2 and this time #2 came out on top. And the winner was decided by who's pitching staff didn't suck as bad as the other guy's pitching staff. I took the offensive stats 4-2, but could only manage to beat the Cards in the Saves category on the pitching side. His 6.7 ERA and 1.76 WHIP were enough to beat my horrific ERA and WHIP (7.75 and 1.84) on his way to taking 4 of the 6 pitching stats. Luckily I still manage to stay in 1st place, but not by much...
MVP: Dave Roberts went nuts for the Cards, hitting .348 with 6 runs and 5 SBs.
Dud: Bartolo Colon went and hurt himself in his start last week but not before going only 1 inning and giving up 4 runs putting his ERA at 36.00!

Robots Eat Babies - 6
RFTR - 6

This is about as even a tie as you can get; they split the pitching stats 3-3 and the batting stats 3-3. And they were pretty close in most categories. The only blowout was RFTR picking up 11 saves to Robots 4. Of course RFTR has 6 relief pitchers to his 2 starters so it's not really surprising...
MVP: RTFR bullpen... Todd Jones, Joe Nathan, Bobby Jenks, and Eddie Guardado combined for 11 saves!
Dud: Andruw Jones may have hit 1 HR, but he struck out 10 times and only hit .150... ouch.

Baghdad Bombers - 8
Poca Dots Blog - 2

This was the most lopsided vistory of the week, and Bombers pulled it out with solid stats across the board. He took the batting stats 4-2 and the pitching 4-0-2 where Dots only managed ties in saves and holds. Dots pitchers couldn't even buy a win this week...
MVP: Biiiiig Papi comes through again! 2 HRs, 7 RBIs batting .333
Duds: AJ Burnett, Mark Buehrle, & Akinori Otsuka all had ERAs over 11.00. That's won't cut the mustard.

bRight & Early - 3
fmragtops' spewers - 8

Maybe overall it just wasn't a good week to be a pitcher... FM won the ERA category with a 7.07 on his way to his victory for the week. bRight just couldn't keep up with the juggernaut that is the Spewers. FM's team has been coming on strong lately; he's made his way all the way up to 4th place now...
MVP: Derek Jeter was all over the place hitting .481 with 7 RBIs, 1 HR, and 1 SB too.
Dud: Dontrelle Willis got clobbered! 23.14 ERA! I'm surprised he managed the 2 K's that he got...

CZC Owns - 7
webcats - 5

CZC comes out of nowhere and propels himself out of the cellar! He pulls out a huge offensive week and managed to beat webcats in ERA and WHIP to seal the deal! 40 runs, 42 RBIS, and 10 HRs! That's huge for CZC! Now can he get himself into the playoffs?
MVP: So many to chose from! Troy Glaus hit .565 with 8 RBIs, AJ Pierzynski hit .591 with 6 RBIs, and Aramis Ramirez hit .435 with 2 HRs and 7 RBIs! How was he in last place with this team!
Dud: Tough to find a dud in this matchup... Greg Maddux and Josh Garland both got wins but at the price of ERAs over 10.50 and WHIPs over 1.80.

Right Wing Nuts - 4
Akhtar the Divorcee - 8

Aktar had a good overall performance, but it was his pitching that got him the win. Aktar took 4 of 6 in the offensive stats, but the Nuts made that a really close battle. Aktar put the Nuts away with 4 wins, 3 saves, a 3.57 ERA and WHIP at 1.31.
MVP: Ryan Howard, the manbearpig, pounded 4 HRs and 9 RBIs and still managed to hit .304
Dud: The Nuts pitching staff just couldn't put it together... Jason Schmidt, Kevin Millwood, Bronson Arroyo, and Ted Lilly all pitched reasonably well, but could get a win between them...

The PAWs - 4
Gashouse Gorillas - 8

It's all about pitching, pitching, pitching... The PAWs may have wrangled 5 Holds from somewhere but zero wins, and only 2 saves just isn't enough. All the Gorillas needed was a win from any pitcher and Chase Utley all by himself and he could have still gotten the win for the week...
MVP: Chase Utley. Holy crap... hitting .441, 5 HRs, 11 RBIs, and 13 runs! Can you say steroids?
Dud: Brad Penny, what happened? 10.80 ERA and only 2 K's...

Repubs lost in SD - 4
The Galt-inators - 7

Repubs tried to keep it close but just couldn't quite get enough to keep them from falling into last place in the league. Galt just managed to take 4 of 6 in the offensive stats from Repubs and put him away with a stellar 3.00 ERA and 1.04 WHIP.
MVP: Carlos Beltran does his Chase Utley impersonation with 5 HRs, 15 RBIs, 7 runs, and 2 SBs to boot.
Dud: Armando Beneitez got shelled. 3.00 WHIP and an ERA at 16.20.

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