Monday, October 09, 2006

Adventures of a first-time father to be... part 7

Sorry about such limited posts lately, but life is as usual, pretty crazy...

This summer was literally, 4 weddings and a funeral. And of course all the extra stuff that goes along with that... bachelor parties, rehearsal dinners, 2 high school reunions, a vacation, and assorted family parties.

This weekend was our last booked weekend for a little while, and we spent it with baby furniture. We went up to my parents to take all of my sister's old furniture out of my grandma's garage and refisnish it.

So all day Saturday was spent sanding down the furniture to remove the old finish, and all I've got to say is thank God for electric sanders. I would not want to try to sand an armoir, bed frame, desk (will be a changing table), 2 bookcases, and an end table by hand. That would have taken forever. As it was with 2 electric sanders, it still took a good 5 hours to get everything sanded down and then wiped clean.

After we got most of the sanding done, I ran over to help my good friend who got married last weekend (I was the best man) move in with his new bride into their new apartment. Why do people with trucks always get roped into moving furniture?

A quick nap later, we got ourselves cleaned up, went to dinner, and then went to see Carlos Mencia. If you get the chance to see him, it is well worth it. We saw the late show at the Universal Amphitheater and Carlos was a riot. Why it sucks to be a white man in America, messing with TSA agents, the lesson of Katrina: first time shame on you hundredth time shame on... you?, and how men are being emasculated in our society... all done from his warped, hysterical perspective. By the end of the show Carlos showed us the timer that kept track of his allotted time; it was 50 minutes past when he was supposed to wrap up the show. The show started at 11:15pm and ended at 2:30, and by the end I was hoarse and my face hurt from laughing so hard.

And bright and early the next morning, we set to giving the newly sanded furniture a primer coat. If sanding wasn't band enough, painting took twice as long. And then a freak rain cloud decided to hover over head just as we finished. You've never seen a pregnant woman move furniture so fast.

Overall the furniture is great; perfect for a little girl with little heart cutouts as opposed to handles.

And even better... the only furniture we need to buy is a crib.