Friday, December 15, 2006

Riverside county to add more toll roads to IE freeways

What a bunch of CRAP!

$2 billion and we can't get any regular freeway lanes on the 15 and 91?! WTF!

In what members hailed as a "monumental" and "breakthrough" decision, the Riverside County Transportation Commission voted 22-0 to approve a multifaceted project list that will draw money from a variety of sources to pay for the improvements. Those sources range from developer fees to sales tax revenues raised through voter-approved Measure A to funds made available through a recently passed state transportation bond.

The commission also voted 21-1, with county Supervisor Bob Buster casting the dissenting vote, to endorse the idea of building toll lanes in two places: on a portion of Highway 91 that would connect with the Orange County Transportation Authority's toll lanes to the west and on Interstate 15 from Highway 74 to the border with San Bernardino County to the north.

Traffic on those freeways is shit! And there's plenty of room to add lanes, and they're going to waste it making toll roads!

Bureaucratic IDIOTS! What... they don't steal enough from us in taxes that they've got to hit us with toll roads if we'd like to go 20 miles in less than 2 hours?

Bob Buster seems to be the only one with any minute amount on sense on that committee...

Friggin' toll roads...


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