Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peace committed Palestinians fire barrage of rockets into Israel

That's how much they support the peace process.

JERUSALEM, April 24 — The military wing of Hamas fired a barrage of rockets and mortar shells from Gaza into Israel today for the first time since the Palestinian faction committed to a cease-fire in November.

A spokesman for the military wing in Gaza, who identified himself only as Abu Obeideh, declared the truce over.

But more moderate political figures from Hamas who participate in the Palestinian unity government, including Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, said they were making efforts to preserve the cease-fire. And a spokesman for the Hamas movement in Gaza, Ismail Radwan, stopped short of calling off the cease-fire, saying today’s attacks were “a natural response to Israeli aggression and violations of the truce in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Over the weekend, Israeli forces killed up to nine Palestinians, mostly militants in the West Bank, in the course of military operations and confrontations. The November cease-fire agreement pertained only to Gaza. Palestinian leaders have asked to extend it to the West Bank, but Israeli officials have said that it must be implemented properly in Gaza first.

Smaller Palestinian factions like Islamic Jihad, which rejected the cease-fire, have continued firing rockets at Israel on an almost daily basis.

On. a. daily. basis.

And the Paleswinian government terrorists wonder why there are confrontations at checkpoints. Maybe it because the Israeli government takes Paleswinian slime killing its citizens seriously. What a novel concept. What kind of response would you expect from a government after enemies sworn to the complete obliteration of not only the Israeli state, but the Jewish people as well, fire over 100 rockets and mortars into your cities.

I'd say bombing begins in 10 minutes, but that's just me.

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