Friday, December 17, 2004

Pablo Paredes

Citizen Smash continues to keep us up to date with the comings and going of the deserter Pablo Paredes. Here he has the email replies from some of Pablo's former comrades who are, umm, shall we say, less than pleased (ahem) at the chosen course of action our little Pablo has taken:

This guy *cough* is nothing more than an attention whore. He was the type of guy who constantly made fun of other peopleā€¦ He thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Well, well, well. Look at you now, punk.

I seriously hope he gets what's coming to him. If I were still in San Diego, and I had passed by him sitting there on the pier, I would have gone to my ship and gotten ahold of my MAC, and a few of my gunner buddies, and dragged his ass onto the boat. Now the other FCs in his workcenter are going to have to pick up HIS slack.

Some of the other emails are a little more constructive, but all are worth a read. And here Smash has the his latest effort to counter-protest the peacenik hippies trying to make it easier for Pablo to drop out of his military commitment without any legal ramifications:

THE SAN DIEGO MILITARY COUNSELING PROJECT, a group that encourages military personnel to "resist" the war, is holding a rally Saturday afternoon in support of Navy deserter Pablo Paredes.

We'll be there, too... The San Diego Chapter of Protest Warrior, and anyone else who believes Liberty is worth defending.

You go guys. I'm with you in prayer.