Friday, January 14, 2005

Marines don't kill Iraqis, terrorists do.

I can hear the beatnik, hippie-tree-hugger, lefty moonbats now chanting about our boys overseas and all the poor helpless Iraqis they're slaughtering. Or we could take the word of a photographer embedded with the troops In Iraq for 365 (via Blackfive):

Then there were the QRF missions at which I had five minutes notice to go document a car bomb or something of the type. I think we photographed 20 car bombs. My first broke me in pretty good. It was just outside of city hall and there were body parts every where. I nearly broke down in tears when I saw this little foot that couldn't have been more than four inches long. The scene never got better; I just got used to it.

My only regret is that I only just found his blog on the day of his final post. Now I've got to go back and read a year's worth of posts. But I'm sure it will be worth the effort.