Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Telluride Cyberguide is shutdown

That could become a reality for one man's business:

Al Heirich's Telluride Cyberguide is in jeopardy. Here's the quick and dirty. He runs a web site that helps people set up ski vacations. On this site he has provided information to his clientele about the upcoming Gay Ski Week and College Days.

After you read the excerpt from his online announcement below, decide for yourself whether you think Mr. Heirich is discriminatory:

Although this week should be fun for those not offended by alternative lifestyles, with scheduled events including: The Pleasure Hunt, The Blue Ball Dance, Drag Races and more, we are strongly suggesting that families concerned with exposing their children to the homosexual lifestyle and homosexual behavior schedule their vacations another time.

Events are planned throughout the week in both towns celebrating and promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

Due to the intense controversy this year in regards to this week, the public display of homosexual pride and behavior will most likely be greater than last year. If this offends you, this is not the time to visit Telluride.

Heirich says the Gay Ski Week warning is no different than a warning he has posted about college ski weeks, during which public drunkenness and lewdness normally increase.

Heirich's reward? He has been told by the Ski Resort to not link to them. Without the ability to link to them Mr. Heirich's Cyberguide is unable to provide lift tickets, lessons and other pertinent items to his patrons.

Rob's got the scoop on who to call and when the final date here. Sounds like the ski resorts are being too damn sensitive. I don't see anything wrong with updating vacationers with events and promotions that they may want to attend or avoid. From what I can tell, the resorts haven't done anything illegal, though it is possible they've buckled under pressure from Gay Rights groups, but that is an assumption. Anyway, help Al out. If you think he deserves to run his business as he sees fit, check the above site for contacts and let some people know about it.