Friday, February 04, 2005

Iraq, UN Oil for food (or money, weapons, women, booze...)

It seems to be the story of the day, other than that whole SOTU thing and Iran not being our next traget (I forsee big conservative protests... "Make war, not diplomacy!"). LGF posts this story from CNN. You can tell it will be a good article from the horribly biased title: Documents: U.S. condoned Iraq oil smuggling: Trade was an open secret in administration, U.N.

Documents obtained by CNN reveal the United States knew about, and even condoned, embargo-breaking oil sales by Saddam Hussein's regime, and did so to shore up alliances with Iraq's neighbors.

I've got ten bucks that says they try to spin this to implicate Dubya even though 9/11 happened just nine months into his term, he listed Saddam in the original "Axis of Weevils," then proceeded to topple his dictatorship, arrest him, prepare him for war crimes trial, and turned Iraq into a democracy. Oh, hey... what do ya know I'm right...

The unclassified State Department documents sent to congressional committees with oversight of U.S. foreign policy divulge that the United States deemed such sales to be in the "national interest," even though they generated billions of dollars in unmonitored revenue for Saddam's regime...

"It was in the national security interest," [...] said [Edward] Walker, who served in both the Clinton and Bush administrations.

What a crappy excuse. Just say Dubya was trying to pad his stock portfolio, make his "Big Oil" buddies happy, or that Halliburton made him do it. At least they mentioned Clinton, since he was in power for the entirity of this scandal. Of course he was too busy diddling interns. And besides, national security is so two decades ago. But why was it in our national security interests (just for shits and giggles...)

[...] because we depended on the stability in Turkey and the stability in Jordan in order to encircle Saddam Hussein," said Walker.... "We had a great amount of cooperation with the Jordanians on the intelligence side, and with the Turks as well, so we were getting value out of the relationship."

You mean there were actual reasons? Wow, who knew. Of course you've got to read 5 paragraphs in to get to that, but that's OK. The title really says it all.

I can't believe the garbage that MSM tries to pass off.