Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Iraq votes!

Three cheers for the Iraqis! They've taken a monumental step toward liberating not only their own country but the entire middle east. They are the new shining city on the hill (via Powerline)...

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Images like this one will be the example of the success that freedom and democracy can bring to the entire region. That people will risk their lives for a say in their own destiny, flaunting their choice in the faces of the terrorists. This is a big step for the region. Will everything run perfectly from the very beginning? Of course not. There will be some growing pains, but they've made their choice; they've chosen freedom.

But there is more good news. The Iraqis actually think our troops should stay for a little while, because the terrorist attacks on polling places were few and far between. Maybe that means their troops are improving, but the current Iraqi president stills wants our troops there a little longer:

ABC News - The Sunday ballot, which occurred without catastrophic rebel attacks, raised hopes that a new Iraqi government would be able to assume greater responsibility for security, hastening the day when the 170,000 U.S. and other foreign troops can go home.

During a news conference, President Ghazi al-Yawer was asked whether the presence of foreign troops might be fueling the Sunni Arab revolt by encouraging rebel attacks.

"It's only complete nonsense to ask the troops to leave in this chaos and this vacuum of power," al-Yawer, a Sunni Arab, said.

He said foreign troops should leave only after Iraq's security forces are built up, the country's security situation has improved and some pockets of terrorists are eliminated.

Finally someone who makes a little sense when discussing our troops in the region. And some more good news...

ABC News - Meanwhile, Iraq reopened its borders Tuesday and commercial flights took off from Baghdad International Airport as authorities eased security restrictions imposed to protect last weekend's landmark voting.

And for even more unbelievably good news, including an excellent round up on the elections, check out Chrenkoff's Good news from Iraq pt. 20:

Chrenkoff - In scenes unimaginable only two years ago - and scorned as impossible, undesirable and impractical for months - millions of ordinary Iraqi men and women braved terrorist violence and came out to vote for their future government...

Way to go Iraqis; God bless you, and God bless our troops.