Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Michelle Malkin continues to cover the Santa Cruz's anti-war thugs

Students Against War (SAW) gets to block military recruiters from coming on campus and can go around defacing private property. Michelle's been covering the story and posted a press release SAW released where the organizers unwittingly gave their phone numbers and email addresses (stupid is as stupid does I guess). So they've probably received calls from some upset people.

SAW is now claiming Michelle made their contact info available, not the press release, and that they've received death threats.

Needless to say Michelle's gotten some tasteless emails and been called some really vile things as the "tolerant" left has gone absolutely berserk. I won't even reprint what they're saying to her, but she's fearless and has posted the threats she's received.

Go on by and give Michelle some support.

UPDATE @4:52pm: Six Meat Buffet has this Support Malkin banner up...

I'm glad you noticed Preston...