Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Senate Intelligence approves Gen. Hayden for CIA chief

And he got 12 of the 15 committee votes too. I thought there'd be a bigger fight over Hayden than that.

WASHINGTON, May 23 — The Senate Intelligence Committee overwhelmingly endorsed Gen. Michael V. Hayden today to become the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, with all but three Democratic members of the committee voting to send General Hayden's nomination to the Senate floor.

The support that General Hayden received from 12 of the 15 committee members is a sign that he is virtually guaranteed to be confirmed by the full Senate, which could begin debating his nomination as early as Wednesday.

Hayden got all 8 Republican votes and 4 of 7 Democrats. Sens. Rockerfeller, Mikulski, Feinstein, and Levin approved Hayden while Feingold, Bayh, and Wyden voted against confirmation. The article says Hayden drew some sharp criticism over the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program he oversaw, but I didn't follow it too closely, so I'm not sure how ridiculous the questioning got. Perhaps the Democrats finally figured out that since nearly two-thirds of the country is in favor of the NSA's TSP and data mining cell phone records, they shouldn't pound the table in outrage over the program. But that's also betting that they smartened up so take that for what you will...