Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iraq Commission Report

Between work and all things associated with the great Baby Countdown of 2006, I haven't had a lot of time to blog (not even a fantasy football update... I'm in the playoffs and won the first round game...). But I still wanted to put up a post on the Iraq Commission Report and what I though would be just another useless bureaucratic report.

But then there's this piece by the esteemed Michael Ledeen who's thoughts are that the report made some good points, even if they were 180 degrees opposite of what they should have recommended.

At first I, too, thought the Iraq Surrender Commission Report was a total downer. But I’m more and more convinced that it was a great blessing. Not that they intended it to work out this way, but the Wise Men (and the token Lady) have elevated Iran to its rightful place in our national squabble over the war: dead center.

The Surrender Commission Report underlines the basic truth about the war, which is that we cannot possibly win it by fighting defensively in Iraq alone. So long as Iran and Syria have a free shot at us and our Iraqi allies, they can trump most any military tactics we adopt, at most any imaginable level of troops. Until the publication of the report this was the dirty secret buried under years of misleading rhetoric from our leaders; now it is front and center. Either deal effectively with Iran, or suffer a humiliating defeat, repeating the terrible humiliation of Lebanon in the Eighties when Iran and Syria bombed us out of the country (thereby providing the template for the terror war in Iraq).

The Surrender Commission members do not shrink from humiliation. They want American troops out of Iraq, and therefore they advocate appeasing the Syrians and Iranians. But a considerable number of Americans don’t want to be humiliated by the clerical fascists in Tehran, and I think it’s fair to say the recommendations have largely bombed, despite the flattering photos in Vogue, and the fawning attention from the MSM, including Time’s respectful parroting of (what they must know is) mullah disinformation, and reporting, with an obvious tone of sadness, that the Baker/Hamilton call for talks is more popular in Tehran than in America.

Read the rest of the article. Ledeen's always worth it.

Who'd have thunk they'd get it right but totally the wrong way... I guess that kinda falls under the 12 monkeys, with 12 typewriters, theory on luck in writing...

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