Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tookie Williams is getting international support

I swear, how come all these people come out of the woodwork when it's a black man how's about to be put to death. Where were they when that white guy was going to be the 1000th guy killed?

South Africa's Winnie Mandela has appealed to the governor of California to halt the execution or reformed gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

"If we forgave what was done to us in South Africa, is not it possible to forgive?", asked the ex-wife of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

So is she saying that the US executing a quadruple murderer is the same as the apartheid her husband so valiantly fought against? State sponsored racism vs. executing a murderer and co-founder of a gang that killed thousands more after a trial and sentencing decided by the people, not the government. Other than they are complete opposites I can see how she might confuse the two extremes.

And not that it has anything to do with her position or the validity (or lack thereof) of her opinion, but...

Ms Mandela remains a controversial political figure in South Africa following her divorce from Nelson Mandela and convictions for kidnapping and fraud.

I'm just saying. Full disclosure and all. To some people that she's a convicted criminal might alter their opinion of her statement. That's all.