Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Amnesty International continues claims that US and multinational forces are torutring detainees

Amnesty issued a 30 page report that continues to hammer the US for our alleged torture of captives.

The London-based human rights group made its criticism in a report to the U.N. Committee Against Torture, which is meeting in Geneva this week to consider American compliance with the U.N. convention against torture and other cruel forms of punishment.

"Evidence continues to emerge of widespread torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of detainees held in U.S. custody in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Iraq and other locations," the report said.

The report,Beyond Abu Ghraib, is 30 pages long, and AI was concerned enough with torture to devote ONE entire paragraph to the atrocities commited by the terorrists we are fighting against in their report. How nice of them.

Armed groups continue to wage an uncompromising war marked by their disregard for civilian lives and the basic rules of international humanitarian law. They commit suicide and other bomb attacks which either target civilians or while aimed at military objectives are disproportionate in terms of causing civilian casualties, and they abduct and hold victims hostage, threatening and often taking their lives. Amnesty International condemns these abuses, some of which are so egregious as to constitute crimes against humanity, in addition to war crimes, and continues to call on Iraq’s armed groups to cease such activities and abide by basic requirements of international humanitarian law.
The report then gets into the horrific allegations against the US and Iraqi forces. And really most of what is brought up in the report released captives all allege abuse, some of my family came back from being interrogated and looked like they were abused, a guy got hit with the butt of a rifle while police raided a suspected terorrist hideout, etc... There are a couple cases put forward that may indeed have been torture. One in particular where a prisoners had been shot right about the knee. Hopefully those situations are being seriously investigated. But the majority of these appear to be more of the embarassed, humiliated, naked dude pyramid stuff from before. Actually I'd say a majority of the allegations appear to be stories from people pissed off they were picked up by the troops and are exaggerating their experiences.

It's really great that Amnesty International is out there to protect human rights. I just think they ought to get their priorities straight. Only one paragraph dedicated to the terrorists dumping dead, handcuffed captives in the streets of Baghdad. Just one paragraph on the thugs who actually behead their captives. Interesting how they focus their "torture watch." In fact a search of AI documents on Iraq yielded 25 results, most are relating to how our military incursion will impact human rights, with only one specifically in regards to terrorists, and a remaining few on the decades of abuses in Iraq. So I guess the US is the real bad guy in all this.

A quick thought for Amnesty International... pull your head out of your ass.