Friday, March 30, 2007

An "adorable-baby-picture-for-no-reason" post

I do it because I can and because she's so damn cute.

Have a great weekend!

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Newsflash! Rosie O'Donnell is an idiot

I know, I know... You're saying "Tell me something I didn't already know..."

But if you still need covincing check out this clip from The View where she says 9/11 was a fake, she believes the Iranians are the victims, we should impeach the president, and that there is basically no good and evil.

You know... standard stuff...

So the Brits and Americans staged this British hostage situation to instigate a war... Nevermind that the Brits have come out and given the exact coordinates where their boat was. It took Iran two tries to make up coordinates that were in Iranian waters; funny how the first set they publicized were actually in international waters. The second set was two miles away, and, you guessed it, in Iranian waters.

Despite that lie, despite their lies that they'd release the lone female marine held hostage, despite their refusal to allow UN and IAEA inspectors verify their "peaceful" nuclear program, despite the fact that they've taken hostages before, despite their involvement in supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons that are killing Americans, despite their desire to destroy Israel, one of our greatest allies, Rosie still trusts them more than she does our own government. Well if Rosie trusts them, heck... that's good enough for me... Still, heaven forbid that we actually apply a universal set of standards to Iran's behavior and label them as "bad" or "evil". Those poor Middle East countries just can't get a fair shake from the right wing media machine...

Then Rosie goes all Loose Change on us and all but says that 9/11 was orchestrated by our own government. Starts saying that we should get a couple Harvard physicists who'll say that Tower 7 was brought down by demolition. Hey Rosie: Screw Loose change. How about that Popular Mechanics article debunking the conspiracies propogated by you leftwing moonbat lunatics. You want one or two Harvard elites who'll play to your fantasy. Popular Mechanics consulted more than 70 experts from across the country. But I'm sure that's easy to ignore since it doesn't jive with your warped view.

You want to get pissed, get pissed at the terrorists who killed nearly 2,000 Americans without provocation on 9/11. That's right, no provocation. We weren't in Iraq or Afghanistan. Wackypants Ahmadinejad wasn't even in power yet. So don't blame Bush for doing his best to bring justice to the terrorists and the countries that support and harbor those terrorists.

So what's next Rosie? Global warming is a reality?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jack Bauer the merciful!

He kills terrorists and helps the de-de-dee's cross the street... What doesn't this guy do?

But most important things first. The investigation against the token hot Muslim Republican chick hits a snag when some microchip they found proves she didn't do it. But that's nothing that a little lost evidence can't cure for Richie Rich's cohort from Denver, but when when the Denver slime ball (a new mole??) spills the beans to Milo, dude goes apeshit and plants a big wet one on Nadia. Chloe played the jealous peeping tom. That's hot.

Jack leads his team against the security leak that was feeding the terrorists secure intel. The guy's a glorified security guard and was using his Rain Man little brother to break the security firewalls at CTU. Chernobyl was his ex-boyfriend and when he called begging for juicy intel, Tom Cruise caved and had Dustin Hoffman crack the code.

But when Jack takes Tommy boy down, he befriends the de-de-dee and convinces him to stage a handoff to Tommy's lover boy Chernobyl by promising him an all night marathon of Judge Wapner. And a cookie.

Jack hoped that would stop Curly Bill and his ruthless gang of cowboys from turning Dirkadirkastan into a smoldering crater, but alas, Bill is determined to create more parking in the Middle East. That is until President Chapelle is woken up from his THC induced coma to call off the attack. Curly Bill blames the drugs and asks for Alberto Gonzales to come on by to declare the president incompetent after he finishes firing the rest of the US Attorneys.

And while we wait to see who will play AG Gonzales next hour, please enjoy your weekly Jack Bauer Moment of ZenTM:
Every year, two Nobel Peace Prizes are given out. One for a regular person, and one secret prize given to Chuck Norris Jack Bauer for allowing human existence to continue.

When Chuck Norris Jack Bauer runs he actually stays in the same place and the world spins underneath him.

Chuck Norris Jack Bauer plans on putting an "i" in team.

UPDATE 3/29 @ 2:30pm - The Carnival of Bauer has begun! Check it out over at New Word Order.

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Senate votes 50 to 48 to add expiration date to Iraq war

They also want to make sure all the pork is shoved down our throats before the American public wakes up and realizes the Democrats they elected just a few months ago have totally abandonned the middle-of-the-road positions they took during the campaigns, taking a sharp turn to the left.

Thank you sir may I have another....

WASHINGTON, March 27 — The Senate defeated an attempt to erase an American troop withdrawal date from an Iraq spending bill this afternoon after an emotional debate about the powers of the presidency and Congress and the well-being of front-line soldiers.

By a vote of 50 to 48, the Senate allowed a withdrawal date of March 31, 2008, to remain in the $122 billion bill, which has yet to be acted upon. The majority defeated an amendment offered by Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi, the ranking Republican on the Appropriations Committee, that would have removed the date.

The March 31, 2008, date is nonbinding, so the spending bill emerging from the Senate differs markedly from the version narrowly passed by the House last week that demanded a withdrawal by Sept. 1, 2008. Moreover, the margins in both chambers were far too narrow to override a veto promised by President Bush.

Republican Senators Chuck Hagel (Nebraska) and Gordon Smith (Oregon) voted with the Democrats to pass the bill.

At least we know Bush will veto it, and as of now the cut-and-run Dems don't have the votes to overturn the veto.

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Aussie al Qaeda detained at Gitmo pleads guitly

Al Qaeda operative pleads guilty!! Too bad that will probably lead to a reduced sentence as opposed to death.

[David] Hicks, a Muslim convert, allegedly attended al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan, conducting surveillance on the British and American embassies as part of his training. But he remained on the margins once the U.S. invaded to oust the Taliban following the Sept. 11 attacks. He eventually joined al-Qaida fighters hours before the front lines collapsed and was captured as he tried to flee, according to the U.S. military.

The count he pleaded guilty to says he intentionally provided support to a terror organization involved in hostilities against the United States. He denied the charge that he supported for preparation, or in carrying out, an act of terrorism.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison, but Davis has said he would seek a sentence of about 20 years. He said the five years Hicks has spent at Guantanamo could be considered in the ultimate sentence.

Of course now the talk is that Hicks will be sent to Asustralia, and th anti-war left in Australia insist this military tribunal decision won't be upheld down under. I'm not sure they can overturn it legally... I know Howard would never allow it, but I'm sure the looney left and their lawyers will try to come up with something...

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UN bans free speech in defense of human atrocities

As if you really needed another example of how totally inept and pointless the UN really is...

Thanks to LGF for posting this video...

I'm surprised they even let the guy in the door let alone allow him to speak to the assembly.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Iran interrogates captured British soldiers

And why hasn't their been any sort of response yet?

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran said Monday it was interrogating 15 British sailors and marines to determine whether they intentionally entered Iranian waters. Britain denies its personnel had left Iraqi territory when they were captured and detained by Iran.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘s office sought to play down fears that the incident would deepen tensions with Iran, which threatened to charge the 15 with illegally entering its territory.

The seizure of the British service personnel has deepened troubles between Iran and the West, which is concerned about Iran‘s nuclear program and accused the country of interfering with the U.S.-led war in Iraq .

According to Iranian state television, Deputy Foreign Minister Mehzi Mostafavi did not say what Iran plans to do with the sailors and marines, but he said they were being interrogated.

He said the British government was accountable for the group‘s actions.

Iran rejected British requests to visit them, warning they could face charges for allegedly entering Iranian waters — charges that Blair‘s office has repeatedly rejected.

Britain‘s Defense Ministry would not disclose details of positioning equipment carried aboard the craft that sailors were using when they were seized, but said it was "categorically certain" they had not strayed into Iranian territory.

As much as I'm a fan of Tony Blair, he hasn't adequately responded to this. This is in every sense, an act of war. Diplomatic talks while a great option, shouldn't be the only option. Perhaps a naval blockade or a precision strike on a republican guard training compound... Something that says these soldiers lives are more important than some soundbites and a couple rounds of diplomatic talks. Their capture deserves swift a decisive action.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Iran seizes 15 British soldiers

Bombing of Tehran starts in 5 minutes.

At least it should. That's an act of war.

March 23 (Bloomberg) -- Iran seized 15 British sailors and Marines who were conducting "routine boarding operations" in Iraqi waters, the U.K. Ministry of Defence said.

"The boarding party had completed a successful inspection of a merchant ship when they and their two boats were surrounded and escorted by Iranian vessels into Iranian territorial waters," the ministry said in an e-mailed statement. "We are urgently pursuing this matter with the Iranian authorities at the highest level."

Iran's foreign ministry confirmed seizing the Britons "for investigation and questioning" and said it was because British sailors have illegally entered its own territorial waters "a number of times," Agence France-Presse reported, citing Iranian State television.

They better get all 15 soldiers back in a timely manner without a hair on their heads out of place. Otherwise you can bet Iran gonna be up to their neck in in shit courtesy of British and US marines.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Audrey's dead... and in other news...

Jack takes it easy again this hour, takes a nap, gets his busted rib wrapped, cries over Audrey's dead... file. And who spills the beans but none other than the newly widowed Mrs' Romano the one armed wonder doc. Right after she tried to plant one on Jack.

So Jack takes a personal moment while vice president Curly Bill and his gang of cowboys do everything in their power to nuke the Middle East back into the stone age. First he says, if they nuke us again, we'll nuke 'em back. Then after Jack stops that nuke, he says we're gonna nuke 'em anyway.

Looks like the Arabs just can't win. Sure he's just going to level off a few mountains in Dirkadirkastan, maybe kill about 20 people and 20,000 goats; it's the principle of the thing. Why waste a perfectly good nuke redecorating the landscape and killing off a few goats when you can go for the jugular and wipe the whole country off the map?

Since no one appreciates vice preisdent Curly Bill's decorating tastes, looks like their gonna try to wake president Chapelle from his coma to save the day. We'll have to wait to see how that works out.

But bigger than the impending nuclear holocaust: Nadia's a mole!!!!! Nooooo! Say it ain't so Nadia! What happened to the token hot Muslim Republican chick at CTU!!!

And as we mourn Nadia's impending death at the hands of Jack, I give you our weekly Jack Bauer Moment of ZenTM:
Chuck Norris Jack Bauer once squeezed an M&M so hard that it turned into a Skittle.

When Chuck Norris Jack Bauer wants a back massage, he lays down on railroad tracks.

Chuck Norris Jack Bauer invented EZ Squeeze Cheeze. He got the idea from crushing a man until his intestines came out of his mouth.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is the type of scum that our troops are dealing with in Iraq

And for leftist moonbat like Michael Moore, he can say the Iraqis insurgents are the new minutemen. Well, I'm sorry but I don't remember George Washington using children to get close to the British and then killing them the same as he would kill his enemy.

VOA - A senior U.S. military officer says insurgents in Iraq used two children to help them pass a coalition checkpoint in Baghdad in recent days, and then detonated a car bomb, killing the children. The officer reported the incident during a news conference at the Pentagon, and VOA's Al Pessin reports.

Major General Michael Barbero says this is the first time he has heard of insurgents using what he called this brutal and ruthless technique.

"We saw a vehicle with two children in the back seat come up to one of our checkpoints, get stopped by our folks, the children in the back seat lowered suspicion, we let it move through," he said. "They parked the vehicle, the adults ran out and detonated with the children in the back."

And somehow the coalition forces, who are trying to stop this kind of senseless murder get lambasted by the anti-war freaks and the MSM as the bad guys.

That's f*cked up.

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US officials report Russia won't give Iran nuclear fuel

Russia is of course denying the report, but I was in the mood for some good news, so here's a quote from the news piece.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Bush administration Tuesday applauded a Russian ultimatum to Iran that it will not supply fuel for Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant until Iran agrees to suspend uranium enrichment.

A senior Bush administration official confirmed the Russian stance and said it will help ratchet up pressure on Iran to end its push for nuclear weapons.

Iran denies its nuclear program is intended for anything but peaceful purposes. Iran's state-run media said Tuesday that Moscow was an "unreliable partner" in nuclear cooperation, The Associated Press reported.

The senior administration official said the move came because Russia has "rising concerns about Iran having nuclear weapons on their southern flank."

The report of the ultimatum first appeared in Tuesday editions of The New York Times.

Russian and Iranian officials denied there had been any ultimatum issued.

That's not to say there aren't other problems with the Russian-Iranian nuclear relationship. UN sanctions are preventing completion of the Bushehr plant, Iran is of course refusing to comply with the IAEA requests to verify the nature of Iran's nuclear program, and lastly, Iran is late on their payments to the Russians. Because of the late payments, Russia has slowly been pulling its technicians and engineers off the project.

It's not like it's going to matter anyway. Israel's going to have to save the day again and bomb the plant minutes before it goes active...

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Monday, March 19, 2007

More good results from Gitmo

As much as liberal weenies have complained about Gitmo and how we're violating the civil rights of the prisoners there, we continue to get good results in the form of confessions for attacks perpetrated against the United States and if we're getting confessions, I'm sure we're getting actionable intel as well.

And here's the latest. Waleed bin Attash, a prisoner at Gitmo just confessed to planning and purchasing materials for the attack on the USS Cole and the two attacks on our African embassies. You remember, those attack on US sovereign territory, before we invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam, before Afghanistan and the removal of the Taliban, before the GWOT, before 9/11; way back when al Qaeda was at war with us even though we'd done nothing to provoke them besides exist. Now of course we're at war with them and the liberal world condemns us for it, but that's another story...

WASHINGTON — Waleed bin Attash, a suspected key al-Qaida operative, confessed to plotting the bombings of the USS Cole and two U.S. embassies in Africa, according to a Pentagon transcript of a hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

More than 200 were killed in the simultaneous attacks on the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. And 17 sailors were killed and dozens injured when suicide bombers steered an explosives-laden boat into the guided missile destroyer Cole on Oct. 12, 2000.

"I participated in the buying or purchasing of the explosives," bin Attash said when asked what his role was in the attacks. "I put together the plan for the operation a year and a half prior to the operation, buying the boat and recruiting the members that did the operation."

The point of this and the previously released transcript, is an effort by the military to determine whether several Gitmo detainees can be classified as enemy combatants in which case we'd be able to hold them indefinitely.

I vote for indefinitely. How about you?

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Man started Esperanza fire for his dog

It's disgusting. 40,000 acres were burned, he destroyed 10 structures, and killed five firefighters and he did it to free his dog from a local pound.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- Raymond Lee Oyler, who stands accused of setting the wildfire that killed five firefighters in October, is alleged by a relative to have said he wanted to set a mountain on fire as a diversion to break his family's pit bull out of a nearby pound, it was reported Thursday.

Investigative reports show that the claim was made by Oyler's cousin, Jill Frame, when she spoke to investigators probing the Esperanza fire, which burned 40,000 acres west of Palm Springs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The dog impounded by animal control officers was one of two Oyler family pit bulls that attacked a woman and her dog in early October, The Times reported.

Oh and he's accused of starting 10 other fires in the area in the three months before the Esperanza fire.

I hope they consider the death penalty.

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California state employees' pensions are funding terrorists

Beyond the fact that their pensions will eventually bankrupt the state, the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) system invests in companies that do business with terrorists. Double trouble...

The California Public Employees' Retirement System, the largest U.S. pension fund, and the state teachers' fund would have to unload shares in companies including BNP Paribas of France, Siemens AG of Germany and Eni SpA of Italy.

``Who's funding terrorism? It sure as hell shouldn't be our public employees,'' said Joel Anderson, a Republican assemblyman from El Cajon who introduced the measure. ``When you're looking at the war on terrorists, this is one of the best weapons we have -- just defunding them.'' Anderson estimated his legislation would affect $24 billion worth of investments.

[...] Calpers and the California State Teachers' Retirement System control $388 billion in investments. The legislation would affect overseas-based companies, since U.S. businesses are already mostly barred from trading with the countries on the State Department list: Iran, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea and Syria.

Some might say these companies can't be that bad, can they?

BNP Paribas has current investments in Iran valued over $2 billion including directly lending cash to the Iranian government (and they still can't seem to pay back the Russians for their nuclear technology). And on top of that BNP was probed by British intelligence for its involvement in the Iraq Oil for Food scandal.

Siemens AG is a leading telecommunications company that has done billions on dollars of work in Iran on their cell phone and fixed line networks. They also did business with Saddam's regime in Iraq selling him devices called lithotripters. These devices were designed for medical purposes but their electric switches can be used as nuclear detonators (think that will come up in the Plame hearings?).

Eni SpA, an energy company, currently has $4 billion in investments in Iran with stakes in Iran's oil fields of up to 60%. They continue to help Iran develop their extnesive oil reserves.

There are some 400 companies that do business with nations that sponsor terrorism. The Center for Security Policy has a list of the 12 worst offenders. Siemens AG is #1 on that list; BNP Paribas is #4 and Eni SpA is # 6. Other companies you may have heard of that are on their Dirty Dozen list are Alcatel SA, Statoil ASA, Stolt Nielsen, Technip Coflexip, Hyundai, Total SA, Lundin Petroleum, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd., and PetroChina.

Considering all this CalPERS and CalSTRS representatives currently have no position other than to say that they don't invest directly in Iran. That's brilliant.

I'm still in shock that Saddam was sold technology that could easily be used as triggers for a nuclear weapon...

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Senate Republicans stand firm and block the Democrats attempt to force troop withdrawal

The only Republican that broke ranks and voted with the Dems was Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon.

WASHINGTON, March 15 — The Senate on Thursday rejected a Democratic resolution to withdraw most American combat troops from Iraq in 2008, but a similar measure advanced in the House, and Democratic leaders vowed to keep challenging President Bush to change course in Iraq.

Go to Complete Coverage » The vote in the Senate was 50 against and 48 in favor, 12 short of what was needed to pass, with just a few defections in each party. It came just hours after the House Appropriations Committee, in another vote largely on party lines, approved an emergency spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan that includes a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq. The House will vote on that legislation next Thursday, setting the stage for another confrontation.

[...] The Democratic resolution in the Senate would have redefined the United States mission in Iraq and set a goal of withdrawing American combat troops by March 31, 2008, except for a “limited number” focused on counterterrorism, training and equipping Iraqi forces, and protecting American and allied personnel. The House measure set a withdrawal deadline of Sept. 1, 2008.

Good work Senate Republicans blocking the Democrats proposal. Setting a set date for withdrawal is like giving the terrorists a date after which they can do whatever they want. It's like Aussie Prime Minister Howard had said about a possible presidential Democratic victory in '08: "If I were running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March, 2008, and pray as many times as possible for a victory, not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats." Whatever date we set for withdrawal, I'm sure the terrorists' calendar would have a big circle around that date.

But cheer up Democrats. Your party finally did a couple things right. They finally had an original idea, and they actually tried to enact policy based on that idea. Sure it was about as wrong an idea as they could have possibly come up with, but at least it's more than the pointless anti-Bush blather that they usually rely on.

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Happy Friday!

"I love March Madness! Daddy and I watched five hours of of tournament ball yesterday including Duke's terrible game against VCU.

You should have seen my Daddy jumping up and down, swearing at the TV... something about Duke not being able to hit a damn freethrow..."

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Al Qaeda #3 confesses to plotting 9/11 attacks plus dozens more

We'd suspected as much for years, but I won't turn down a flat out confession...

Washington, D.C. (AHN) - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, long suspected as the chief architect of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, confessed to masterminding those attacks and dozens more during a U.S. military hearing held Saturday at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a transcript released Wednesday by the Department of Defense.

"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z," says Mohammad.

In a meandering series of admissions, Mohammad claims full or partial responsibility for nearly 30 terror actions, including the 1993 World Trade center bombing, a blast at an Indonesian nightclub, the attempt by Richard Reid to use shoe bombs on an airliner over the Atlantic, and the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that brought down the World Trade Center towers and damaged the Pentagon.

On the edited transcript, Mohammad, a key aide to Osama bin Laden, also admits being the principal behind plots to assassinate Pope John Paul II and Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

I bet this guy is a wealth of good intel and I hope they get all that they need from him in a timely manner now that he appears willing to cooperate. But what's slightly more interesting in this piece, beyond the confession, is this little quote.

[...] Towards the end of his statement, Mohammad compared himself to a patriot, saying that "if now we were living in the Revolutionary War and George Washington he being arrested through Britain, for sure he, they would consider him enemy combatant."

Hmmmm... Now where have we seen that comment before? What liberal idiot has compared the terrorists to the minute men?

Hmmmm... I wonder...

UPDATE @ 3:19pm: Mohommad also claims he personally beheaded Daniel Pearl too.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jack Bauer finally gets to rest

This was Jack's hour to recharge after getting knocked out, beat up, and thrown down a flight of stairs.

Instead we get that spoiled brat, who had the train runnng through his house, Richie Rich running the show. And apparently all that money couldn't keep him out of the military, a government job, or get him a face lift. Man he looked old...

And former president weasel continued to try to weasel himself into the government's good graces by insisting that only he can convince his ex-wife, big boobs Logan to call up the Russian president's boss, his wife, in an effort to stop an international incident at Jabba the Hut's embassy. And props to Red for bagging the former first lady. Sure she's in the looney bin for crazy rich people, but she's his crazy rich lady. That's what's important.

And about the time big boobs was driving that steak knife into her ex-weasel's carotid, Jack was taking a short nap after having a small bite to eat and finally getting a chance to pee after what, 12 hours now? Maybe longer because, really, what are the chances the Chinese let him pee on that flight back to the US...

So after a relaxing, day at the beach for Jack I give you, your Jack Bauer Moment of ZenTM:

Chuck Norris's Jack Bauer's golf score is always 18 because they put the hole wherever his ball lands.

Chuck Norris Jack Bauer has never been charged with murder, this is becuase the government realizes he is simply cleansing the gene pool.

Chuck Norris Jack Bauer doesn't use toilets. His colon actually compresses his waste to the point of nuclear fusion. The resulting energy is converted into electricity which powers Las Vegas.
That actually explains a lot...

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Bush fires 8 US Attorneys!! Oh the humanity!!

Apparently the Dems never got the memo that as Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on the planet, if someone under your employ doesn't perform up to expectations, you can fire them. As if these were the first US Attorneys a president had ever fired... The key here is "perform up to expectations" as opposed to "on a whim" or "to avoid your own criminal prosecution."

But the Democratic Presidential candidates smelled blood and added to the MSM's feeding frenzy over this non-issue. But who would take the the 1st place for the "best shameless grandstanding", "beating a dead horse beyond recognition", and "wasting perfectly good airtime on a major news network for absolutely nothing" contest?

Senator Barack Obama needs to fire his PR guy for not getting him more airtime on this exceedingly pointless issue as well as his speechwriter for not coming up with something with a bit more panache. Well maybe not fire... that's so Republican...

I opposed Mr. Gonzalez's nomination, in part, because he had shown in his role as White House Counsel a penchant for subverting justice to serve the President's political goals, and I feared that in an Attorney General. Sadly, the latest revelations underscore my concern. Americans deserve to know who in the White House is pulling the strings at the Department of Justice, and why. Anyone involved should appear under oath and answer these questions.

You opposed him from the beginning. Is that really the best you could come up with?

Rookie... You get 3rd place.

Senator John Edwards is outraged and takes 2nd place in our little contest for lumping the firing of US Attorneys to the Patriot Act, Gitmo, and Abu Ghraib. Kudos John!

Today's news is only the latest and most disturbing sign of the politicization of justice under President Bush. From the abuse of investigative authority under the Patriot Act to the unconstitutional imprisonment of the Guantanamo Bay detainees and illegal torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Bagram Air Force Base, this president has consistently shown contempt for the rule of law.

But Senator Hillary Clinton takes the cake and is our grandprize winner due to her complete and total hypocrisy.

"The buck should stop somewhere," Clinton told ABC News senior political correspondent Jake Tapper, "and the attorney general — who still seems to confuse his prior role as the president's personal attorney with his duty to the system of justice and to the entire country — should resign.

"I'm deeply disturbed by what we have learned thus far," Clinton said, "and I join those who are calling for a full and thorough investigation to try to get to the bottom of these very political decisions that interfere with prosecutorial responsibility by U.S. attorneys, and I think that the attorney general should resign."

But where's the hypocrisy you ask?

When Clinton's husband took office in 1993, one of the first actions his attorney general took was to remove every U.S. attorney. Clinton was asked how this was different from the termination of eight U.S. attorneys last December.

"There is a great difference," Clinton said. "When a new president comes in, a new president gets to clean house. It's not done on a case-by-case basis where you didn't do what some senator or member of Congress told you to do in terms of investigations into your opponents. It is 'Let's start afresh' and every president has done that."

Oh Hillary! How soon we forget! Check out this great op-ed from the WSJ that explains a little better how unprecedented Clinton's firing of all 93 US Attonreys was and not only the Democratic buddies he helped, he quite possibly quashed the White Water scandal he and his wife were up to their necks in as well. Mega-sooper-dooper bonus points for using the executive powers to prevent investigation into your own shady dealings!

At the time, President Clinton presented the move as something perfectly ordinary: "All those people are routinely replaced," he told reporters, "and I have not done anything differently." In fact, the dismissals were unprecedented: Previous Presidents, including Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, had both retained holdovers from the previous Administration and only replaced them gradually as their tenures expired. This allowed continuity of leadership within the U.S. Attorney offices during the transition.

Equally extraordinary were the politics at play in the firings. At the time, Jay Stephens, then U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, was investigating then Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski, and was "within 30 days" of making a decision on an indictment. Mr. Rostenkowski, who was shepherding the Clinton's economic program through Congress, eventually went to jail on mail fraud charges and was later pardoned by Mr. Clinton.

Also at the time, allegations concerning some of the Clintons' Whitewater dealings were coming to a head. By dismissing all 93 U.S. Attorneys at once, the Clintons conveniently cleared the decks to appoint "Friend of Bill" Paula Casey as the U.S. Attorney for Little Rock. Ms. Casey never did bring any big Whitewater indictments, and she rejected information from another FOB, David Hale, on the business practices of the Arkansas elite including Mr. Clinton. When it comes to "politicizing" Justice, in short, the Bush White House is full of amateurs compared to the Clintons.

This doesn't of course mean that Bush's firings weren't politically motivated. They were. They just weren't of the grotesquely criminal nature the Clintons' were. I mean really... has our society reached a point where it's criminal to fire someone for performing required tasks poorly or not performing them at all?

The supposed scandal this week is that Mr. Bush had been informed last fall that some U.S. Attorneys had been less than vigorous in pursuing voter-fraud cases and that the President had made the point to Attorney General Albert Gonzales. Voter fraud strikes at the heart of democratic institutions, and it was entirely appropriate for Mr. Bush -- or any President -- to insist that his appointees act energetically against it.

Take sacked U.S. Attorney John McKay from Washington state. In 2004, the Governor's race was decided in favor of Democrat Christine Gregoire by 129-votes on a third recount. As the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and other media outlets reported, some of the "voters" were deceased, others were registered in storage-rental facilities, and still others were convicted felons. More than 100 ballots were "discovered" in a Seattle warehouse. None of this constitutes proof that the election was stolen. But it should have been enough to prompt Mr. McKay, a Democrat, to investigate, something he declined to do, apparently on grounds that he had better things to do.

In New Mexico, another state in which recent elections have been decided by razor thin margins, U.S. Attorney David Iglesias did establish a voter fraud task force in 2004. But it lasted all of 10 weeks before closing its doors, despite evidence of irregularities by the likes of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or Acorn. As our John Fund reported at the time, Acorn's director Matt Henderson refused to answer questions in court about whether his group had illegally made copies of voter registration cards in the run-up to the 2004 election.

As for some of the other fired Attorneys, at least one of their dismissals seemed to owe to differences with the Administration about the death penalty, another to questions about the Attorney's managerial skills. Not surprisingly, the dismissed Attorneys are insisting their dismissals were unfair, and perhaps in some cases they were. It would not be the first time in history that a dismissed employee did not take kindly to his firing, nor would it be the first in which an employer sacked the wrong person.

So sure this could have been handled better. But once you actually start to look at facts as opposed to innuendo, you pretty quickly figure out just how liberally biased the MSM is and just how much hot air Democratic presidential candidates are full of.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jack Bauer hates foreign diplomatic consulates...

I think we should support Jack's personal war on consulates. Foreign punks claiming US soil as sovereign property! How dare they! Jack should have every right to break into any building in the US and torture its occupants if it's in the interest of national security. Any building in the world for that matter! Especially ones containing slimy Russians that look like Jabba the Hut who harbor terrorists. I mean really... did you see his saggy skin folds? Eww...

Anyway, that's two seasons and two wars on Asian consulates. Maybe Jack just doesn't like Asians? Don't see many Asians working at CTU. That's kinda weird... With all the high tech gagdetry around a sourpuss white chick and her British shoe salesman, ex-hubby are the best techies the American government can afford? No wonder the US keeps getting attacked by terrorists!

But at least they will employ hot, Muslim, Republican women, so there is some hope...

And now, without any further ado, your Jack Bauer Moment of ZenTM:

When asked his opinion about the war in Iraq, Chuck Norris Jack Bauer said "Those Iraqis are lucky we got an army, cause if we didn't I would be forced to over and beat the tar out of every individual within my perimeter". He then roundhoused the reporter and walked off in anger.

Chuck Norris Jack Bauer was recently credited with finding a new race of people living in his chest hair.

Chuck Norris Jack Bauer will become president in the year 2008 after he beats every member of the electoral college in a 537 to 1 caged death match.
If only...

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Is Obama taking a staunch position against Iran?

That's certainly what this Chicago Tribune headline makes it seem like: Obama calls Iran threat to U.S., Israel.

Kinda makes him sound like he's the next JFK... Could it be true?

Seeking to woo Jewish votes and contributions, Sen. Barack Obama told an audience in Chicago Friday that he considers Iran "one of the greatest threats to the United States, Israel and world peace" and pledged he would try to end that nation's uranium enrichment program.

At least the ChiTrib is honest enough to note a political campaign promise when they see one. Still, Obama says Iran is one of the greatest threats to world peace. So far he's on the money...

As he criticized the Bush administration's Iraq policies, the Democratic presidential candidate suggested that the danger posed by neighboring Iran has grown in recent years because of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Ahh the truth at last... It wouldn't be a Democratic fundraiser without a good ol' fashioned Bush-bash: Iran is our fault! So it's a back-assed view of national security. Yes, Iran's a threat, but because we screwed the region up. Nevermind that the region has been screwed up for centuries and we just got there...

And then the annointed one speaks!

"One of the most profound consequences of the administration's failed strategy in Iraq has been to strengthen Iran's strategic position, reduce U.S. credibility and influence in the region, and place Israel and other nations friendly to the United States in greater peril," Obama (D-Ill.) said before a regional gathering of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a major pro-Israel lobbying group.

Obama is looking at the strategy completely backwards. Iran is stronger by default because we ahnililated the stronger military threat in the region, and they're in a strategic position now because we already took out Iraq that was in a more strategic position. And it's not like Iran just figured out Israel existed in the past three years since we've been in the Middle East. Israel's been a target since the country was founded, and they've been a target simply because they exist. America has probably done more to inhibit Israel than help Israel. US officials talk alot about our great ally Israel, but most of our foreign policies have been made to placate the Arab street at the expense of Israel. And Obama's audience ought to realize that if he or any other Democrat is elected, we'll be leaving the region shortly after they take office, and Israel will be left alone to defend itself. Again.

So sure Obama sounds great.

It's easy to sound great when you spew misconceptions and half-truths...

UPDATE @ 10:22am: And good luck to Obama when he tries to play the black card to get elected. Especially since his white ancestors owned slaves.

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