Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Interrogated terrorist transcript

Castle Argghhh! has a transcript from an interrogated terrorist. This is quite illuminating...

Investigator: What organization do you belong to?
Abed: Ansar Al-Islam
Investigator: What organization is this?
Abed: It is Bin-Laden's group.
Abed: Our Ansar Al-Islam military camps were in Halabja.
Investigator: This was in the days of the previous regime?
Abed: Yes.
Investigator: And now?
Abed: Now there is nothing. They were all scattered. The training area was in Falluja.
Investigator: The groups you mentioned... Each group had a special mission?
Abed: Each group had suicide bombers, who are Afghans, not Iraqis.
Investigator: Slaughtering National Guardsmen and policemen - tell me about it.
Abed: Sir, the slaughtering was done by people who belonged to the Syrians.
Investigator: Syrians?
Abed: Yes, the slaughtering...
Investigator: From your own group?
Abed: No. There was a squad that came from the Syrian border.

GWOT indeed. Argghhh! has more. Check it out.